Ali Gilling,one of my most important teachers, when I felt tired and stressed, then for many years after, who inspired me to teach.

British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course Tutor Lorraine Newman.

British Wheel of Yoga Diploma Course Tutor Val Davies, whose knowledge is incredible and teaches with detachment.

Hazel Faithful, not only for her teaching but for being a great County Rep. and for networking amongst teachers so that we feel more connected to each other. A gift.

Zoe Knott from whom I have enormous respect for her strength in asana. Her desire to teach the more difficult poses and make them accessible to all, and her constant updated knowledge of what is going on in the contemporary Yoga arena.

Dr Ruth Gilmore for her scientific wisdom of anatomy and physiology, beautifully mixed with a spiritual wonder.

To every teacher whose class I have only been to once I have become stronger, more flexible, invigorated, de-stressed, transformed in some way.

All Students, my most important teachers. You teach me something new every day. For those with health issues I learn about different conditions and how to modify things safely. For those who are strong I learn about giving challenges. For those who are pregnant the different stages of Yoga in the three trimesters. For those who are depressed, the transformational quality of the mind.

Thank you to Nick Gibbens and Tim Stathers for the creation of the website.

I would also like to acknowledge those people who over the years who have offered me their special healing skills. Please see the links to Anna, Oksana, Joy, KMI team.

Many thanks to Belen Rivada’s professional photography¬†update 2013 S. France