I practice Energy Healing myself and need deep Yoga to “recharge” and support my physical and emotional state after long days of work. I found Rachel some years ago and have become one of her numerous followers. Rachel is not just a professional and experienced Yoga teacher, she is our therapeutic Energy and Yoga guru. Her classes are never the same and always highly beneficial to anyone attending. Thank you. ‘Oksana Davis

Rachel is a is a fantastic teacher, and she always creates a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere in which to learn. She skillfully tailors her classes to a range of abilities, and her breadth of knowledge allows her to bring many beneficial practices to the sessions, such as breath work and chanting. The workshops and classes I have attended have helped both my physical and mental health. Rachel’s supportiveness and warmth motivates me to include yoga into my overly busy schedule. Corri Waitt

Rachel James has taught me yoga for many years and I keep coming back for more, . Her teaching style is exceptional ,as she is able to provide yogic exercises for all levels, comprising asanas as well as meditation. In this busy world her classes are a welcome oasis of calm and self-nurturing, encouraging inner peace and tranquility. As a person she is clearly committed to teaching of the highest standard and integrity, and does so with warmth and a sense of humor. I cannot recommend her classes highly enough! Anna Williamson (ex yoga teacher), Massage and Aromatherapist, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Hakomi Body-Centered Psychotherapy, CBT

Rachel took over our class (from our very experienced, long-standing yoga teacher) towards the end of her training x years ago. She has been an excellent teacher, pitching the lessons appropriately, with just the right balance of challenge and repetition, always with clear instructions and explanations, with tips on how particular asanas improve health in specific parts of the body, with detailed knowledge of anatomy and physiology, with gentle modifications for us when we need them and with the flexibility to accommodate newcomers to the class. Courses have progressed over the years, always being dynamic and interesting. As well as hatha yoga we practice breathing (pranayama), some meditation and relaxation. Rachel is an open, warm and kind teacher, always approachable and thoughtful about her students. It’s a pleasure to work with her – I feel very fortunate! Jane Ivimey

I have been enjoying Yoga for many years and when I came to Rachel´s class for the first time I knew I need to see her more the once a week! The classes I knew here in Oxford were too fast or too slow, she offers the perfect combination. Barbara

I started doing yoga with you after I retired at the end of 2007. Initially I thought that one class a week would be all that I wanted to do. How wrong I was! Soon I was practicing at home and attending classes and workshops run by other teachers. This has made me realise how much I value learning with you. One of the things I value most is the professional position you maintain. In other classes it is quite common for everyone, including the teacher, to moan and groan about their daily lives! Of course we all have problems – some big, some small but what I like is that you provide a quiet place where we have the opportunity to focus and travel inwards to find physical, mental and spiritual balance. You challenge us physically but not so much that it feels like an ‘exercise class’. By encouraging us to develop greater awareness of our bodies the experience of yoga becomes one of personal development rather than the attainment of fitness. I have found yoga profoundly rewarding and it has given me a new understanding of the relationship between mind and body. Judy Palmer

Rachel strikes a perfect balance in her classes between the physical and the mental aspects of yoga. Rachel’s yoga classes are always challenging, yet one is never made to feel inadequate as she praises, encourages and celebrates what the individual is able to achieve, regardless of whether or not it is ‘perfect’. Rachel, as a teacher, has a quiet, calm approach which inspires confidence. Rachel’s yoga class on Monday morning is the perfect way to start the week – one leaves with a sense of peace. Rachel’s explanations are clear and concise. Rachel combines teaching strategies which ensure that her classes are a success: she models what she expects us to learn, she stands back and watches how we work, she works alongside, and she provides opportunity for the practice of new skills. Dorothy Kavanagh

Yoga is for me an appointment that I can’t miss. I decided to start with Yoga in order to solve my neck and shoulder problems. Attending the session on Mondays gives me the opportunity to start the week in a very good mood and I can feel all the benefits during the whole week in terms of energy and emotionally. Marisa Mulargia